Corporate Structuring


Chosing the right structure for your business

There are many ways to structure a business and it can be a daunting tasks to choose the right one. That's why when our clients approach us with dreams of starting a new business, we guide them through the process step by step. 

During the discovery meeting we map out all the entities involved, partners, family members, trusts, companies, and  look at the options available to us to ensure the structure we ultimately help you choose, takes into account present and future tax implications, your plan for growth and exit strategies. 

All structures have different Pros & Cons and it's important that you understand all of these so the correct decision can be made.



Once the right path has been chosen we liaise with all parties involved and the solicitors to draw up the appropriate documentation and paperwork. Filing all the registrations required including Business Name registration, ABN registration, GST registration, Tax File Number registration and much more. 

Then comes the fun part. Signing your new structure into existence. And a new business is born. 


Woof Creative has been a client for 6 years

The help that Eden Financial has provided us over the years has proved to be invaluable. They are one of the key reasons we've been able to grow consistently, each and every year, since we started working with Nik. The advice and support we receive goes far beyond corporate structures and tax planning, but rather revolves around understanding our businesses. Its through these insights that we have been able to choose the right structures, plan for tax implications and more importantly be agile enough in our decision making to enable us to side step upcoming issues before they become problems. From staffing, to sales, to the businesses focal points, the advice we receive helps us make the right choices everywhere.