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Understanding your business is the single most important factor in success

It's hard for a start up business to succeed, you start a business because you're good at doing the work. That's doesn't always mean you're good with data analysis, or that you understand a profit & loss statement and balance sheet. That's where we come in. We are experts at analysing your business, understanding where the money is coming from, where you're spending it and how much is left over for you at the end of the day.

Whilst all this may sound confusing, the process is simple! It all starts with a questions. Something you want to know. We then dive into the numbers and find you the right answers. That way you can make informed decisions which will ultimately  lead to a more profitable and successful business.

Employment & contractor costs breakdowns

These costs are often the singles largest of any business. Understanding what your employees or contractors are costing you pre hour or per job when taking into account super, payroll tax and much more is so important. If you're a service based business it’s often the difference between making money and losing it! At Eden, we don’t just tell you the costs, we break them down in an easy to understand manner and explain it.


Profit analysis & income projections

Making profit is one thing. Understanding which parts of your business are most profitable and why, is another. It’s through an in depth understanding of your profit that we are then able to develop income projections for your business. This in turn enables you to better plan. Knowing when to increase or decrease resources will ensure your optimise your profit levels.

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Cash flow analysis & catagorising expenses

Understanding cash flow is one of the hardest things for businesses to master. Even when your business is profitable in a P&L statement, doesn’t mean that you have cash in the bank. It’s this lack of cash that drives many business out of business. By analysing your accounts, payment terms for customer and suppliers, average payment timeframes and more, Eden Financial will help you understand how the cash is flowing in and out of your business.


Once we understand your business, we clearly explain it so you can too!

Breaking down what's going on in your business is useless if you don't understand it and if you can't take action. So that's the way we approach answering your questions. Clearly. With easy steps to take outlined so that when you get to work you know exactly what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. 

But don't take our word for, listen to the businesses we've helped...


Danielle's Artwork has been a client for 4 years...

"EDEN Financial have been looking after my taxation and finances for 4 years. EDEN Financial assisted me with the startup of my business and now look after all my taxation needs. Being an artist and a small business I value my time to create and grow my business.

Nik always attends to queries promptly and makes sure no questions are left unanswered.

Nik's professionalism, service and dedication to me as a client is what makes me a happy customer and is why I will remain using EDEN Financial Group's services for many years to come."

Danielle Weber
Danielle's Artwork