Business & Individual Taxation

Understanding tax can be difficult.

For small businesses understanding tax can be difficult. PAYG, BAS, GST, with so many acronyms so little time, when are you expected to actually run a business? That’s where Eden Financial comes in. We take a 'Year Round' approach to managing your business taxation needs. This starts with you Quarterly Business Activity Statements. Working with yourselves, or your book keeper we review and adjust the quarters activity ensuring accurate book keeping and reporting, then lodge your BAS. Reporting back to you so you know what you need to pay, by when and why. We do this every quarter so that by the time come to the end of year we already have a clear idea of where your business stands, how much profit it has made and what plans need to be put in place to deal with your tax implications. By monitoring this quarterly we are also able to manage your PAYG business and personal tax, adjusting as required, if required so you are paying the right amount of tax.

We also handle personal Tax returns for individuals and especially for our small business clients. In many instances it’s almost impossible small business owners to separate their business and personal tax obligations.They are intertwined and tax planning can only be performed to its fullest extent when both are considered equally.


Green Kids ELC has been a client for 10 years

My motto with accountants is: when you find a great one, stick to them.

Even when it meant following Nik through different firms across melbourne, Nik was worth it and we have had a business relationship now of 10yrs! 

Nik @ Eden Financial provides a complete service of accounting management and financial strategies to meet your particular objectives. Nik does this for my business and for my husband and I in our individual financial affairs to achieve the different outcomes we desire. He is very personal, professional and flexible and allows you to do as much or as little as you want in preparation of BAS lodgments and other requirements, Nik always steps up to the plate when you need him to, & this is true value.

At Eden Financial they operate within the same values of service to the client.