Business Process Modernisation


Modernise you business with Cloud accounting

For businesses that have been operating for many years, the idea of modernising business processes is daunting. More often than not the old adage, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” keeps businesses from moving forward. When it comes to accounting this is especially true when so many accountants out, are there themselves afraid of moving into the 21st century! 

At Eden Financial we specialise in cloud accounting. We often help new clients who have spent years toiling away in countless spreadsheets, tethered to their office computer and buried in mountains of paperwork and receipts to transition to the cloud. This, in basic terms, involves a three step process. First is the discovery phase where we analyse your business accounting needs to find the best solution. Second is the transition phase where we move all your accounts and paper work to the cloud, using a cloud computing platform like Xero. And finally the third phase, education. This is where we teach you the platform, and how to get the best out of it, so you can get up to the minute intelligence on your business, knowing exactly where you stand. This enables you to find the data you need with having to call us!


There are many benefits to modernising your business account processes. From being able to gain up to date insights on your business, to being able to access them from anywhere. But likely the most important advantage is that we can also see your up to date accounts at any time. So if there’s ever a question you need answered or something you don’t quite understand, we can help. We are able to jump in to your accounts, seeing what you see, while you’re seeing it, and help you find the answers your after.

These days business move fast, and you need to be able move with it. Being able to be agile and responsive can be the difference between success and failure. Moving to cloud accounting enables you to access your accounting data, from anywhere at any time, and gives your the ability to make the decisions you need to make, when you need to make them. 


What seems daunting, doesn’t need to be difficult.

We pride ourselves on making our clients lives easier. Sometimes it’s the little things, like return phone calls same day, or getting you answers quickly. Other times it’s about make large complex jobs like moving your accounting to the cloud seem quick and easy. Because this is what we do, day in day out for our clients.


Empowered Health has been a client for 3 years

"As a small business owner one of the biggest challenges has been finding services that can offer personalized and tailored support regardless of the size of your business. Eden financial has offered all of this and more. Their quality and delivery of service is to the highest level and always paired with genuine and thoughtful advice. As a result, I have felt that they really care about the success of my business and I no longer dread my accounting appointments, in fact I look forward to them! I would highly recommend Eden Financial to anyone looking for taxation advice and support." - Emma Tippett, Director at Empowered Health